Growing up in Wollongong, I was a pop girl. I used to love Young Talent Time and all kinds of pop, whether it was Celine or Whitney or Boy George and Culture Club.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

I think I’ve always performed. I went to a dance school when I was about 11, and then I went to a performing arts high school where I was very much drawn to musicals because I got to sing, dance and act.

That got me on the path to auditioning. But it wasn’t until I was cast in [the original 1998 Australian production of] Rent that I really understood what it was like to audition for something that your heart, body and soul was [invested] in; when your entire being felt like “I need to be a part of this show”, as opposed to just going in for an audition for the sake of getting a job. I did that for a few years, not...