M y mother was a frustrated opera singer, so she always wanted to sing. My parents sang in choirs and played a lot of classical music at home – all the choral repertoire, whether that was Handel or Bach, the St Matthew Passion , Messiah and so on. My mother was always singing along to the radio in the kitchen. We had a record player, and I remember we got a CD player very early.

Peter Evans

My brother Richard [the Managing Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra] was a very good singer; he could have pursued it, I reckon. He was always in choirs, and he sang with Teddy [Tahu] Rhodes; they were at school together and both had the same singing teacher.

I played the flute from a young age, and played it pretty well. I got my LCTL [equivalent to a Graduate Diploma] when I was about 16. I was doing 90 minutes of flute practice a day from the age of six or...