The London-based Australian violinist talks about playing with the Sydney Youth Orchestra again after her time abroad.

What first drew you to the violin?

It was my mum that got me on to the violin when I was four. She has always loved the sound, but in Japan it was easier to find a piano teacher so I played the piano. Then we moved to Sydney and obviously couldn’t bring the piano with us, so that’s when I started the violin. I guess I was never drawn to it at that age, but it definitely feels like the right instrument for me now. It almost becomes are part of you! We are very lucky to have an almost inexhaustible repertoire so there is always more music to learn and something to keep you challenged!

Naoko Keatley.

How do you feel playing once again with the Sydney Youth Orchestra?

I am ridiculously excited! I can honestly say that without SYO, I may not be playing the violin right now! I joined the little orchestra (called String orchestra then, I think) when I was eight years old, and Henryk Pisarek, who...