While much of the arts and entertainment world has faced a struggle to survive over the past 20 months, Brisbane’s The Little Red Company has managed to thrive.

By the close of 2021 Little Red will have staged eight productions – nine if you count the return season of There’s Something About Musicopening next week – and secured four-year Queensland Government funding for the first time.


“We’re having the opposite pandemic to a lot of people that I know. We’ve kind of grown exponentially,” observes Artistic Director Naomi Price, acknowledging the raised stakes are “stress-inducing” in a different way from what many artists, including “devastatingly-impacted” friends, are experiencing.

Price and Marketing Director Adam Brunes founded Little Red in 2012 to produce accessible music-driven theatrical experiences, establishing a brand of clever comic charm. She describes her co-creator as better at scripting comedy, while her strength, as a trained actor, is improvisation. “Generally, our collaborations, and the way we write is exactly what you would imagine – it’s fuelled by alcohol and just two best friends sitting around...