Celebrated young Serbian violinist, and DG’s latest signing, returns to Australia to perform with Ensemble Liaison.

“I had the opportunity to play for the first time in a concert, and actually it’s that connection with the audience and being on the stage that really felt incredible and magical.”

While the passage of time has cloaked the exact details, Nemanja Radulović vividly recalls the feeling that was triggered by his first stage appearance. After debuting in his hometown of Niš, Serbia, the young violinist became indelibly addicted to the energy of performance.

“I just wanted to do something with the stage, to be on the stage. So this is the feeling I get immediately from the beginning,” Radulović reminisces. “I just feel like everything is possible. This connection with the audience, it’s very strong and I have the impression that the world is a much better place when I’m on the stage. So that connection kept me in the music and with the violin.”

The deal was sealed. Radulović pursued formal music tuition at the Conservatory of Saarbrücken, then at age 14, he moved to France to complete his studies at the Conservatoire de Paris. Radulović has since established himself as one of...