The future looks golden with an app that makes the orchestra follow you for once.

Ever wanted to play with an orchestra? There’s an app for that – and it’s soon to be released for use on the iPhone and iPad.
The app is called sonaCadenza, the brainchild of Boston-based company Sonation, and it’s stated aim is to “bring the orchestra conveniently into the palm of your hand”. To do it, the app features live recordings from a range of orchestras that have been made over the past 60 years as well as some digital tracks from the Fauxharmonic Orchestra (an orchestra made up of digital orchestral instruments, conducted by Paul Henry Smith using a Wii Remote controller instead of a baton and a Wii balance board instead of a podium).


The new application is essentially a backing track. However the particular appeal here is that sonaCadenza listens to the musician and follows their position in the score. Traditional backing tracks limit the way in which a musician is able to express the music but this could be a thing of the past if sonaCadenza lives up to its promise.


The app has been tested by musicians from well-regarded companies, including...