With just eight days left of their crowdfunding campaign, Ironwood calls upon audiences to reach $22,000 target.

Ironwood has proven itself as one of Australia’s most innovative ensembles. Despite its youth, the group has already established an impressive profile on both the local and international stage, and has just returned from its second tour of the USA.

Formed in 2006, the ensemble’s main purpose is to explore and demonstrate historically informed performance from the baroque, classical and romantic eras. This early repertoire is complemented with newly commissioned works by Australian and international composers.

While Ironwood already has a distinct catalogue of CDs, the ensemble is relying upon a crowdfunding campaign to record the repertoire from their latest A Different Sort of Brahmstour. Nicole Forsyth, Ironwood violist and Operations Manager, said that the online fundraiser has been surprisingly successful.

“It’s really like an online version of the community raffle,” she said. “Those altruistic enough will donate because they see the larger cause as an intrinsic good for their community, where as those more driven by a tangible return will buy a raffle ticket, or pledge for a reward because of the goods on offer.”

The campaign has so far reached over half...