Angus Grant, composer and director of Victorian Opera’s Youth Chorus Ensemble, VOYCE, has written and produced a new miniseries called Opera-Bytes. Starring singers from the ensemble, it tells the story of a group of university-aged singers as they deal with life during the COVID-19 pandemic. With two episodes already available to watch on demand, Grant talks to Limelightabout the idea’s genesis and what’s to come.

A still from the first episode of Opera-Bytes. Photo supplied

What gave you the idea for Opera-Bytes?

We did a layered, online recording of some Purcell with the VOYCE kids to help maintain a connection with them. These are all over the internet now. The result was good but ultimately just a shadow of what it would be like for them to sing it in person. I was, however, moved at seeing them in their homes making music and living their lives in isolation. I realised there was dramatic and musical potential within the restrictions of this digital medium. Victorian Opera was on board straight away and was able to offer the skills of their production team who had been rapidly re-skilling in video editing and recording.

What is...