Dr Nicholas Milton AM farewells the Canberra Symphony Orchestra after 15 years as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director. He looks back on his time with the orchestra and shares memories of favourite performances and significant milestones.

Nicholas Milton Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s outgoing Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Nicholas Milton. Photo © Sarah Walker

What was the Canberra Symphony Orchestra like when you were appointed and how has it changed or evolved since then?

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra has long been a formidable musical force, guided and developed by my great predecessors, most notably, Leonard Dommett, Ernest Llewellyn and Richard Gill. Over the past two decades, since I first conducted the CSO as a guest conductor in 1999, the orchestra has continued to mature and evolve.

This ongoing transformation is in large part a credit to the incredible musicians of the CSO, who have inspired me with their dedication and passion. I’m so grateful for the creative relationship we have shared and what we’ve achieved together.

What have been the most important milestones for the orchestra?

There are two clear highlights that stand...