Your career as a chamber musician is as extensive as your career as a soloist – what attracts you to chamber music?

The repertoire. A life without the pieces having been written in the field of chamber music would be very poor.

Nicolas Altstaedt, Cellist, Ukaria 42 Cellist Nicolas Altstaedt. Photo © Marco Borggreve

Who have been some of the most interesting collaborators to work with?

The Quatuor Ebène and Janine Jansen, for the intensity of work and the urgency of giving up yourself – starting each day, each rehearsal and concert from scratch. Having a strong vision of the piece and complete freedom in every phrase, combined with a harmonic hearing and living of the score.

With such a wide repertoire spanning contemporary to baroque music, are there any composers you feel a particular strong affinity with?

A composer I grew up with from very early on was Shostakovich. He was the composer I listened to mostly at the age of nine. But I can’t point out a particular affinity to a composer amongst so many miracles from Machaut to Ligeti. My latest discovery – that I got very emotionally involved in and attached to...