Your performance at the Sydney Festival is titled Sex, Lynch and Video Games– what do those three things have in common?

Their sexiness. And all three things were also invented in the 1980s.

8-Bit Urbex pays homage to 80s video games – were you (and are you) a big gamer?

My dad brought home the Atari 2600 one day in the late 70s and I was hooked. We had two cartridges and played them over and over. Later, in the early 80s, he brought home a Vic-20 and I spent hours typing code to create new games. These sonorities and visuals became implanted in my brain and naturally coexist alongside the other sounds in my brain – acoustic instruments, orchestras, etc. The sound of Pong is as distinctive as the sound of a trumpet. I want these worlds – that mean so much to me and are a part of my inner sound palette – to coexist and ultimately, synthesize new worlds and sounds. I didn’t really keep following the progression of game culture to the same extent – apart from a brief but emphatic stint with The Legend of Zeldain 1999 when my roommates and I stopped going to...