This year’s Festival should cause quite a stir with a radical Riteset to upstage even Ute Lemper.

Noel Staunton’s 2013 Brisbane Festival is nothing if not eclectic. The line up for this year’s event features opera, classical music, circus, cabaret and theatre but it could all be upstaged by the headline act.

One hundred years after the Rite of Springcaused a near riot in Paris, the Brisbane Festival are set to present a double bill from one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies. Dublin-based Fabulous Beast’s Artistic Director Michael Keegan-Dolan will reimagine his 2009 Olivier-nominated version of the Riteand will bring to life a radical new interpretation of Petrushka, Stravinsky’s dark tale of psychotic puppetry.

“Michael Keegan-Dolan’s savage and inspired rewrite of Stravinsky is…as exhilarating as it is harrowing” wrote Debra Craine in London’s The Times while Neil Norman, writing in the daily express said that the show, “reaches deep into Stravinsky’s music and ferrets around in the entrails to pull out raw, bleeding chunks of movement. An evening of pure theatrical voodoo.” Indeed, this Ritehas received rave reviews wherever it has played and a glimpse at a video clip will show you why. Keegan-Dolan’s...