London’s Aurora Orchestra have conquered Europe. Now they’re setting their sites down under.

To launch a new orchestra in the ruthless and financially perilous arena of the current classical music scene, where competition to woo audiences can make the difference between an ensemble prospering or having to fold, might seem brave, foolhardy or both. But to successfully grow a new orchestra for almost a decade, consistently presenting music that is challenging, innovative and expertly executed while packing out the concert hall is reason to stop and take notice.

The Aurora Orchestra, who are based in London, are a rare but welcome success story in a time when reports of financial ruin and doom for arts organisations seem far more numerous. Their eclectic but also accessible programming, which covers everything from Bach to Berio to The Beatles, has charmed audiences and critics across the UK and Europe. Most impressively perhaps is their theatrical curation, which has earned them a reputation for breaking all the traditional rules of the concert paradigm: a strategy that has coaxed a new generation of concertgoers to their performances.

Now they’re bringing their unique take on what a modern orchestra should be to Australia with a...