Congratulations on winning the 2017 Limelight Recording of the Year!

Thanks. It’s amazing, especially now that we have just undergone a personnel change in the quartet. That project feels like part of a different lifetime so it’s very nice to get an accolade for it.

The Heath Quartet has been playing for 15 years now. How did the group form?

We started out as 19-year-olds at the Royal Northern College of Music, which is in Manchester. There was a very dynamic and charismatic head of chamber music there, and he thought we’d be a good combination so he put us together. First of all we took part in internal competitions at the college and did well, and then we did UK competitions and then international competitions. It was great that the Young Classical Artists Trust supported us during that really difficult period after you leave music college where you’ve had all of this structure and then you’re suddenly out at sea on your own. They really helped us through it all and handed us on to Askonas Holt who manage us now. It’s been a very organic journey really. We can’t quite believe how much time has passed, and that this is...