So the cinemas are open again – at least in those states where they were closed. Suddenly a flood of ‘product’ is flooding through the system including major studio blockbusters held back for months by COVID (viz better-than-the-last-one Bond extravaganza No Time to Dieand science fiction epic Dune) and film festivals rear-ending each other’s dates while new features launch commercially on the back of their exposure at said festivals.

That’s without mentioning the new feature films planned for cinema but debuting on TV thanks to the pandemic’s disruptions. The Tom Hanks WW2 maritime thriller Greyhound (based on C.S. Forester’s novel The Good Shepherdand adapted by Hanks) has been screening on Apple TV + since July. Although designed for cinemas, this story about an Allied convoy trying to survive a pack of U-Boats mid-Atlantic grips from the word go, even while inevitably losing the immersive effect it would have enjoyed on a huge screen.

There’s also the blockbuster-scale projects designed as TV such as Apple TV+’s visually stunning but dramatically inert adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s intergalactic Foundation novels.

Oh dear, poor Apple –...