One of my viewing highlights this month is yet another handsome example of British heritage costume drama, The Pursuit of Love, a BBC production screening on Amazon Prime.

In contrast to the recent craze for Austen-esque Regency tales, we’re cast back only as far as the 1930s. The source is the novel of the same title by Nancy Mitford, one of the less dubious of the famous upper-class sisters, two of whom were pro-Nazi and one a Communist.

Andrew Scott and Lily James in The Pursuit of Love

The narrative revolves around the fictional aristocratic Radlett family – not always a likable lot – as seen through the eyes of Fanny Logan, best friend, cousin and worshipper of the hugely charismatic beauty, Linda Radlett (Lily James). Linda is the story’s vibrant soul and James does a marvellous job bringing life to this complex young woman whose flaws, including her failure to love her first child, are balanced by a belief in true love.

It’s an irresistible performance that helps to further lift a remarkably confident piece of directing and...