Brisbane-born flautist Tim Munro is on the new music adventure of a lifetime with this quirky Chicago sextet.

How did you come to be involved with eighth blackbird?
I’m a Brissie boy, born and bred. After an studies at ANAM and the Queensland Conservatorium spent locked in a practice room or buried in the music library, dreaming of world domination, I flew the coop to study at Oberlin College: a wonderfully free-thinking, open, liberal arts university in the flat cornfields of northern Ohio. Eighth blackbird was founded by Oberlin undergrads, and that was the connection that helped me, in 2006, to hear about the flute opening with this crazy group. I flew halfway around the world to audition for the job, the most reckless but awesome decision of my life.

How does it feel coming back to Brisbane as part of this group?
I’ve been pushing for an Aussie tour for a while, and I’m full of nervous anticipation. Will anyone come out to hear us? Will my ensemble mates like my hometown? Will my hometown of Brissie enjoy what we deliver?