Katie Noonan (voice)

How did your collaboration with Karin come about?

Karin and I have a lot of things in common in that we’re both from Brisbane, we were both taught music primarily by our mothers, and we’re also both young mums. We’ve admired each other’s work from afar for years and we got together and had a cuppa last year and talked about ideas.

Why the British Isles?

It has such an incredibly rich history of beautiful music for guitar and voice, more specifically lute and voice in the earlier days. For such a small area it has such a variety of vocal music on offer, from traditional Celtic songs, beautiful Renaissance music right through to great 20th-century composers and all the awesome contemporary pop composers. It’s a just a very enticing pool to jump into and choose songs to reflect a journey in the concert.

How does your programme reflect your personal backgrounds and musical upbringings?

For both of us, our first love was classical music, so we got back to our roots in the beautiful music which was originally for lute and voice by John Dowland, and then the gorgeous Henry...