Aussie musician launches first of its kind online platform for instruments looking for love.

A world-first, free to use, online hub, Lonely Instruments, where musicians worldwide can connect to share their ‘pre-loved’ and unused instruments, was officially launched in Melbourne this week.

Kicking off the new site, founder of Lonely Instruments, Jennen Ngiau-Keng, says that as a professional musician who has performed around the world, he is aware of the countless musical instruments stored away, neglected and unused. “The sole aim of Lonely Instruments is to create a free service to allow musicians, from professional to beginner, sell instruments faster and search globally”, he said.

The free-to-use site is aimed at musicians worldwide. “It’s very hard for musicians to sell their instruments these days,” explained Ngiau-Keng who spent some time looking into issue. “I found there was no online platform dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of musical instruments that encompassed all instruments. Many musicians travel overseas just to find the instrument they are after. It’s not that people aren’t buying or selling musical instruments, it’s just that buyers and sellers don’t know these instruments exist.”

A quick check of the site reveals a wide range of instruments on offer, at...