On 20 May, 2021, Ciaran Frame wrote an article for Limelightabout his 2020 Living Music Report. The Report is an annual analysis of Australian orchestral programming, examining whether the composers, whose works were performed around the country, adequately reflect the Australian identity and our gender, cultural and First Nations diversity. Coining a phrase used by the Australia Council, the article was called Do Our Arts Reflect Us?. Frame found that in 2020 the answer was “not yet” although the trajectory is headed in the right direction.

Phillip Scott, a regular music reviewer for Limelight, replied to Frame’s articlewith a piece in which he argued against classical music being programmed through the prism of 21st-century diversity and gender equality.

Orchestral programming

Felicity Wilcoxhas written an in-depth response to Phillip Scott’s piece, which will feature in the July issue of Limelight. Subscribe now to receive a copy. Here are two extracts that open and close her article.

As a composer, and gender equity researcher and advocate, I cannot turn a deaf ear to Phil Scott’s article, An orchestra’s role...