New survey suggests surreptitious “tune-smuggling” is rife in the organ loft.

A report in the Church Timeshas revealed a plethora of dark secrets hitherto concealed within the privacy of the organ loft. Organists, it appears, can’t resist slipping into everything from Yes, we have no Bannanasto a nice bit of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore when they think a congregation’s musical back is turned.

In a play-and-tell exposé, Jeffrey Makinson, sub-organist of Manchester Cathedral, spilled the beans on some of the tricks going on when our thoughts should be turned to towards heaven.  Clothing a well-known theme in a different harmony, changing its tempo or rhythm – it seems that some organists will stop at nothing when it comes to smuggling a cheeky favourite into a Sunday service.

A new survey from Christian Research, suggests that a staggering 50% of churchgoers have heard an organist surreptitiously slipping an unexpected tune into proceedings. Clearly there are things going on in the established Church about which the average congregant knows precious little (including, it might be suggested, what the pollsters at Christian Research are doing with their time!)

The Church Timesput out a request for whistle-blowers on Twitter and received...