Owain Park and The Gesualdo Six have won the LimelightVocal Recording of the Year 2020for their album Fading. Recorded by Hyperion, it’s a ravishing disc that combines Renaissance music by the likes of Tallis and Gesualdo with complementary contemporary choral works. The title takes its cue from the fading light that precedes the sacred office of Compline, but Park’s inspiration roams more widely and imaginatively than that. And not only is the program full of surprise and satisfying juxtapositions, its supremely well sung by the all-male voices of The Gesualdo Six. Clive Paget caught up with the conductor (and composer) at home in London to find out what makes an award-winning program, what the thinking is behind an all-male sextet, and what’s coming down the line.

The Gesualdo Six Owain Park (seated right) with The Gesualdo Six. Photo © Ash Mills

Congratulations on winning the LimelightVocal Recording of the Year.

Thank you so much, that’s really kind. We’re really pleased – well, I’m really pleased – I haven’t told anyone else yet!

Can we start with what was the inspiration behind the disc?

It was very much a program that came together...