Chris van Tuinen and Gladys Chua will escape from a prison into the open air in four uniquely site specific concerts.

It’s an obvious (and probably fatuous) statement, but one of the best parts of being a musician is talking to other musicians about what they’ve been playing of late. What they’ve loved, been disappointed by, found challenging or surprised them. This generally leads onto a discussion which starts with “you know what I’d really love to play…?”

It was just such a conversation between the wonderful pianist Gladys Chua and myself that led to this project. She told me that there was a long list of repertoire that she had not yet had the chance to play – which is amazing considering how much music Gladys gets through – and would love to put some of it together for a concert. In point of fact, a series of four concerts that takes the passage of time as its compass. Each concert should be an hour long and follow one after the other in some sort of marathon musical event that would be unique for performers and audience alike.