The Perth Symphony Orchestra is reimagining the orchestral concert experience as an alternative to an evening yoga class in their C.A.L.M. (Come And Listen to Music) performance in August. The concert, which will feature Mozart’s JupiterSymphony, is timed to coincide with the evening commute and audience members will have the option to lie down on relaxation mats, sit on chairs or stand with a drink at the bar. A yoga instructor will host the concert and guide the audience through breathing exercises at the beginning. PSO Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin spoke to Limelightabout what’s in store for the audience at C.A.L.M.

Jessica Gethin, Perth Symphony Orchestra, PSO Perth Symphony Orchestra Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin. Photo: supplied

How did the idea for this concert come together?

Perth Symphony’s C.A.L.M. (Come And Listen to Music) concept was developed to take people away from the hectic pace of their day, providing some respite from the constant pressures of schedules, deadlines and technology through the power of music. We thought it would be ideal for those working in the CBD, finishing their day listening to a live symphony and returning home refreshed and invigorated… rather than struggling through peak...