A new adaptation of Philip Glass’s opera Akhnatenwill diffuse perfume throughout the audience.

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music will play host to the sole performance of Hymn to the Sunlater this month – an opera production that adds to the drama onstage by subtly diffusing perfume throughout the audience.

Designed by New York perfumer Chiaki Nomura, the fragrance is intended to add an extra sensual dimension to the opera while connecting audiences more deeply with the events as they unfold on stage. Nomura has expressed her belief that the “sense of smell is the closest link to our deepest emotions, instincts, and intuition”, with the scent described as a mixture of “freshness, sophistication and strength”. It includes notes of bergamot, velvet jasmine, waterlilies, deep musk and muguet.

The opera is an adaptation of American minimalist composer Philip Glass’s opera Akhnaten. Written in 1983, the opera tells the story of Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten’s tumultuous life and strong religious convictions.

The production was inspired to include perfume by the Ancient Egyptian practice of using fragrances in ceremonies and other special occasions. The production is intimately sized, featuring a cast of six singers accompanied by a small ensemble of baroque instruments.

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