What inspired you to go for the Guinness World Record for most piano key strikes in one minute?

As a student I always played pieces much faster than they were meant to be played and my teachers and friends always joked I should break this Guinness World Record, “it’s a perfect fit for me”.

How did you train for that?

I had to practice how to avoid muscle tension in my arms, because keeping up intensive repetitive and fast playing for a long time is really hard. I also did rehearsals, recording myself and counting the notes in slow motion just to make sure I broke the record.

I understand Portuguese-American pianist Domingos-Antonio Gomes set a new  Guinness World Record with 824 key strikes in 2017 – do you hope to claim back the title?

I don’t think so. I only did it for fun, there is really no point to do it again.

Your piano covers have a distinctive edgy, percussive feel – how did you arrive at this sound?

When I was a small kid I also wanted to play the drums, but didn’t have the opportunity, now I think...