W hen I was in Grade 2 at school, we were all fortunate enough to have the opportunity to choose a stringed instrument to learn. I wanted to play the harp as I thought it was the most beautiful, elegant instrument I’d ever seen. I was told by one of the string teachers that harp wasn’t a choice but the double bass was probably the most similar instrument. This assumption was clearly made due to the large size of the two instruments as the harp and the double bass could not be more different from each other in most other ways!

Double Bass

Anyway, I decided to go with the bass. Only one of us was allowed to learn the instrument, so first I had to go through an arm wrestling contest with several of the boys in my class. One of the prouder moments of my childhood was winning that arm wrestle and being awarded the double bass – although I doubt I could do it again today!

It wasn’t exactly love...