I t was a pure coincidence that a Suzuki violin program was offered down the street from where we lived [in Baltimore]. I observed a lesson shortly before I turned four, and it looked interesting, so I started.

Hilary Hahn

Violin was a hobby for me, especially at that age. A couple of years later, things started clicking. I loved performing, and my teacher challenged me every week. Those two aspects motivated me.  

I studied piano from ages six to 12, and I took ballet. I have tried other instruments briefly . . . I loved aspects of piano, but ultimately, violin was the most natural match.  

The violin feels physically so close to the location of the voice; the vibrations travel through my head and into my chest. It is an extension of the body and a form of human communication. The notes are also in my vocal range. But for me, it is not so much about the instrument as about the connective nature of music. We are all in the same place...