Opera Australia endorse current artistic leadership amidst impressive financial results.

The board of Opera Australia has signed up Artistic Director, Lyndon Terracini for another five years. The extension comes on the back of robust financial news for Opera Australia in 2012, a year which has seen the number of main stage ticket sales rise from 250,000 in 2011 to more than 410,000 – an impressive 64% increase. The anticipated net surplus for 2012 is also expected to have increased on recent years.

Chairman of the board Ziggy Switkowski was fulsome in his praise stating that the originality and quality of recent Opera Australia productions and their commercial success reflected in large measure Terracini’s creative vision. “This is a very satisfying position,” he said. “By carefully balancing the offerings between highly popular, commercially successful projects such as South Pacific with more niche opera offerings such as the RingCycle, Mr Terracini has helped build sustainable momentum to Opera Australia. We are excited by opportunities ahead to present opera to more people in more imaginative ways, and we are very supportive of Mr Terracini’s plans and aspirations.”

Terracini, who has recently completed three years at the helm of the company, was clearly...