What inspired you to found anon. in 2013?

Thomas:anon. was founded upon our desire to continue performing music since we were moving to postgrad studies in architecture and marketing after completing the Bachelor of Music (Hons) at the University of Melbourne. We needed to take the initiative to create our own platform for performance. But at the same time, we wanted to find a way to share the music we loved and knew well, with the people around us who knew little or nothing about classical music; to show that there could be more to discover from classical music than people think, and that novel, engaging experiences could be achieved without sacrificing the music itself. It is with this thinking, every person and experience we meet along the way that shaped anon. into what it is today.

Bach X Reimagined, NGV, Escher Nicole Tj and Thomas Lo. Photo © Eugene Hyland

How did the idea for a project based around the Escher x nendoexhibition come together?

Thomas:Did you know Escher was hugely influenced by Bach’s music? The NGV team approached us with a brief to curate a music program for NGV Friday...