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I t has long been my fervent hope that every child in Australia should have access to a properly trained music teacher; a teacher who taught music sequentially, based on singing and movement.

Muswellbrook Richard Gill Music Academy, Richard Gill The Muswellbrook Shire Council Administrative Centre, the proposed site of the new music school. Image courtesy of Muswellbrook Shire Council.

To friends and colleagues I had started talking about founding a National School of Music Education situated within a working school. The school would focus on providing practice-teaching opportunities for music students over extended periods of time and be open to all student teachers studying music teaching anywhere in Australia. The nature of the practice-teaching would be detailed to each student’s needs ranging from one-on-one to micro teaching to full class teaching. The spirit of the school would centre on a love of learning for its own sake. The children, of course, would be well aware of this philosophy and know that they were going to school for two reasons: firstly, to learn how to learn and secondly,...