Can you ever imagine a time in Australia where every child who attended a state school, irrespective of where in Australia, had the opportunity to sing at on a regular basis? Can you imagine that through this singing, regularly offered to every child by a qualified teacher who knew a great deal about music and how to teach it, large numbers of children would excel at music, irrespective of their natural musical ability? Can you imagine that all these children would be able to read, write and compose music at a very high level in a very short time?

Furthermore, on taking up a musical instrument later on in their school lives, because they are able to read music, to sing in tune, to count accurately, know music theory from a practical point of view and present themselves to an instrumental teacher as fully-fledged readers of rhythm and pitch, those children would have an enormous head start on a raw instrumental beginner. Can you imagine?

Babies burble and gurgle musical sounds well before they utter words

Did you know that humans sang before they spoke? Babies, for example, burble and gurgle types of musical sounds well...