A Sydney Symphony fellows talks teaching, touring and what it’s like carrying the biggest instrument in the bunch.


You began learning the double bass at age eight. What was it like as a kid having to transport such a large instrument?

When I first started learning I was using a quarter sized instrument that was only a bit larger than a full size cello. I was always quite stubborn about carrying it myself. Luckily for me I had very supportive parents and an older sister who were always willing to drive my large instrument and myself to music lessons and rehearsals.

You have studied with Alex Henery, principal bass of the SSO, since you were ten years old. What’s your relationship like?

While it’s been many years now, I’d say that our relationship has become more professional as it’s gone on. When you’ve been learning from someone for that length of time, they have great comprehension of your strengths and weaknesses – and that has made the past few years of lessons, in particular, extremely valuable for me.

Before the double bass you had piano and flute...