StudiedPurcell School of Music
Likes Concerts, playing in concerts, sports
Dislikes Competitions, pressure, and mushrooms

Congratulations on winning the first season of 3MBS’s The Talent2021. How do you feel about winning?

It was a fantastic feeling to have months of work being acknowledged and enjoyed.

Brian Luo

What repertoire did you play, and why did you pick those pieces for the competition?

I played Chopin’s Third Ballade, Liszt’s Fourth Transcendental Etude, and Ravel’s Scarbo. I chose these pieces mainly because I wanted to show what I had been working on! I think as a performer, it really is a privilege to be able to share with audiences months of preparation. 

Of the pieces you played, do you have a particular favourite, and why?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular preference for the pieces in an aesthetic sense, however I think that my favourite piece from the section would be Scarbosimply for the fact that audiences...