Winner of the 2017 Hephzibah Tintner Conducting Fellowship, the hornist started conducting by accident.

Born Sydney
Studied Queensland Con, Melbourne University
Likes Coloured Socks, fresh bread and butter, sleep-ins
Dislikes Pointless red traffic lights, cold, wet weather

What are your early musical memories?

My mum’s side of the family were heavily involved in choral music in Anglican Churches, and my first performing experiences were singing as a chorister. On the flip side, my dad had, and still has, an enormous, eclectic record collection ranging from classical, disco, rock and pop, through to Irish Rebel music. Mum controlled the radio Sunday to Friday and it was solely ABC Classic FM, then on Saturdays it was Dad’s pick and that could be anything.

Patrick Burns Conductor Patrick Burns. Photo © Blueprint Studios

How did you come to conducting?

Conducting started by accident during my undergraduate studies when our conductor was running late and we needed to start rehearsal. I started conducting and when he arrived he encouraged me to continue. He later pulled me aside and suggested that conducting might be something I should consider pursuing.

Who are your musical heroes?

I’ve never really had long standing heroes as I go...