Born  Auckland, New Zealand
Studied   Auckland & Melbourne universities, Australian National Academy of Music, Griffith University
Likes   Hiking, Tabby cats, Japanese language
Dislikes  Writing a thesis on a MacBook on its last legs!

What first attracted you to the flute?

At seven years old I loved the way the flute sounded like birds singing!

Who are your flute heroes?

The flute players I admire most are musicians before they are flute players. The flute is simply a vessel for their musicality, and one gets the sense they could create music on any instrument. I’ve just been at a fabulous five-day course in Adelaide with world-renowned orchestral player Michael Cox and have returned so inspired. His passion and vision for his music-making leads him to make courageous musical decisions that are not limited by what we are taught the flute can do. By refusing to be constrained by the instrument he achieves sounds that have never been heard before – sounds so extraordinary that my instinctive reaction was to gasp or laugh out loud, which I did many times during the course.

Jennifer Timmins, Flute,...