Grace Clifford

Born Sydney, 1998
EducatedAbbotsleigh School, Sydney
LikesChamber music

What does winning this year’s ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Award mean to you?

Just being part of the competition was the most important thing, because I had the opportunity to perform a lot of varied repertoire and to play a concerto with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in the final round. It was my first opportunity to play with a professional orchestra and work with a conductor of the calibre of Christopher Seaman. I learnt so much from that experience – and winning was just a wonderful bonus.

How did you start playing the violin?

My brother Jack, who is six years older than me, started learning when I was a baby. I suppose I just grew up with the beautiful sound of the violin and wanted to be like him. I was begging for a violin of my own from the age of two but my parents, who are not musicians, thought that I should learn the cello. I was, and still am, a very determined person and would not give up until my parents gave me a...