How did you know the guitar was for you?  

Imagine you’re four years old – it’s a warm day so your parents have escaped to the local forest for a campfire. A guitar leans inconspicuously against a log. Friends start hinting to your dad to pick it up, and when he eventually does, everyone stops, transfixed and amazed at the sound of six strings and his deep husky voice. That was one of my earliest memories, growing up at Florida State University Alumni Village where my parents were PhD students. At the time we only had a guitar, and since it was the instrument my Dad and the Gipsy Kings played, I thought I’d hit the jackpot.

Who are your musical heroes?  

Glenn Gould’s Bach recordings have had the most significant impact on me. I distinctly remember hearing his Preludes, Fugues, and Fughettasrecording as a 13 year old and being awestruck by the intensity, exuberance and compositional brilliance. It opened up a whole world to me that eventually led me to a career in classical music.

Andrey Lebedev Guitarist Andrey Lebedev

Have you had an important teacher who has influenced your approach to...