Born Newcastle, NSW
StudiedUniversity of Newcastle
Likes Half-empty bars, blue cheese, cryptozoology
Dislikes When the dog bites, when the bee stings

What are your early musical memories?

Taking turns with my brothers to stand at the piano and sing while Mum played – that was a family ritual for a while. I also remember parties at my grandparents’ house where the older generation would take turns to sing; my Grandma and Poppy loved to perform. And of course I remember going to my first violin lesson and learning to play Twinkle, Twinkle.

Rose Kavanagh. Photo © Dominic Kavanagh

How did you come to the violin?

My Mum was the musical instigator in my family. She started my eldest brother on the piano and gave us singing lessons too. We had an heirloom violin that Mum hoped someone might play one day and she asked me if I’d like to learn: I think I was six at the time. We found a local teacher who taught me for the first five years or so.

Who are your musical heroes?

John Zorn for his eclecticism and genre defying weirdness....