The young Aussie’s studies have taken her overseas. Back on home soil, she’s landed a plum part in the SSO Fellowship programme.

Born Sydney, NSW, 1991
Studied Sydney Conservatorium, Royal College of Music
Likes Going out for good food, ballet and yoga
Dislikes Running, kale chips and Sydney traffic

Do you remember what first attracted you to the flute as an instrument?

My local primary school, Chatswood Public School, had a great music programme. I was reluctant to give it a go, but when I was in Year Five my mum finally convinced me to try it. Everyone in my group chose the flute so that’s what I chose too. Once I started learning the instrument though I absolutely loved it. I remember leaving it out all the time on the big table in the family room and picking it up to play every time I walked past.

Who would you consider to be your all-time greatest flute ‘heroes’?

There are so many people I would consider to be my heroes. Besides my incredible teachers James Kortum, Rosamund Plummer, Sue Thomas, Daniel Pailthorpe, Simon Channing and Stewart McIlwham, I would say that Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson, Emily Beynon and Michael Cox would be a start.

What do...