The passion, music and melancholy of the Schumanns comes to life in letters and song.

There are words, and then there is music. In a few rare cases, the two can come together in a way that each throws light of aspects of the other. The Schumanns: Love and Life in Letters and Song, is a production which aims to do just that, promising to bring to the stage all the sweetness, the sorrow and the ardour contained in the music of German über-Romantic Robert Schumann.

The Schumanns: young love

The composer will be portrayed by the multi-talented actor and musician Philip Quast, who starred in the STC’s production of Waiting for Godotheaded to London next year, while his virtuoso pianist wife will be in the hands and voice of musical theatre star Lisa McCune who has just finished thrilling audiences in The King andI.

Quast is no stranger to German lieder, and the work of Schumann in particular. “I am of German descent although I grew up on a farm in NSW so I had little contact with any music except country and western,” he...