I  am not a very organised concertgoer. I’m not too proud to admit that I buy most of my tickets after a glass of wine or two while scrolling through Instagram to see what my friends are playing and when. “This looks fun,” I think. “I would love nothing more than to go to this tuba and recorder concert of Renaissance motets.”

Sacred Cow

And then I am asked to create an account.  

And then to create that account I need a password that meets the stringent standards of cyber security at Concert Hall X (one shudders to consider the consequences should our ticket history fall into the hands of Australia’s enemies). I discover at some point I have already created an account for this hall, which opens up a new yak track of trying to reset a password. And then I need to verify my account or reset my password by opening my email and clicking a link.

By then the wine buzz has started to die down and, like any sane person, I...