No art form clings to its ritualistic habits with the same degree of devotion as the classical music industry. The enforced reverence of concert halls and the repressed levels of accepted audience appreciation embody the main contributors to the plastic culture that pervades the contemporary concert experience.  

Alex Raineri

Classical music in its stubbornness drags terribly behind societal trends. A depressing percentage of programming consists of music written by composers who are very white, very male, very straight and extremely dead. But there is another sinister layer at work – an obsession with ensuring that no one leaves the concert hall offended or unhappy.  

Both the works presented and the performances of them seem to be maniacally obsessed with creating the most ‘beautiful’ product; but are we all chasing the exact same type of ‘beautiful’? The attempt to customise the emotional experience of a classical music concert into a one-size-fits-all mould doesn’t work. It’s fake, uninteresting and divorced from the...