The composer’s new work is the product of meticulous planning, right down to the last dynamic detail.

Work  Fanfare Overture 
Composer Samuel Dickenson
Scored for Symphony orchestra
Commissioned by Queensland Youth Symphony
Premiere Queensland Performing Arts Centre, August 19, 7pm
Performers Queensland Youth Symphony

The Queensland Youth Symphony has a reputation as a world-class youth orchestra, largely thanks to the half-century of work and dedication by its founder and permanent musical director John Curro AM MBE. The reason for this reputation will become apparent to anyone fortunate enough to experience the youthful exuberance and technical ability demonstrated by these young musicians in concert. For those who have heard this orchestra, you would understand my excitement in being asked to write Fanfare Overture, to be premiered in Queensland and later played in China and Germany as part of the QYS international tour.

A key consideration for each of my pieces is the conscious application of craft principles; the academic analysis of masterworks of the past and the isolation of common rules. This new work, Fanfare Overture, is the product of meticulous planning, down to the last dynamic detail. The piece is comprised of two melodic motifs and two harmonic motifs that are developed throughout the orchestra...