In their first concert for 2017, Brisbane-based new music ensemble Argo will be presenting synaesthetic experience  Saturation at the Judith Wright Centre. The ensemble will be joined by triple-Grammy-winning Chicago-based-Australian flautist Tim Munro as well as pianist Liam Viney.  Limelight spoke to Argo’s Artistic Director Connor D’Netto about what the group has in store for the audience.

How does the idea of Saturation come across as a musical experience?

The ideas for this programme came to me from a piece of music that I’d been listening to quite a bit and really love. It isn’t actually on the programme anymore, and I’m not going to tell you what it is (I’m saving it up for later!), but the work has such an amazingly impressive affect on the listener – a complete sensory overload, beguiling, beautiful, and yet utterly devastating. It’s rich and engaging use of electronics immediately made me think of the work of two of my colleagues, young composers from Brisbane Ben Heim and Thomas Green, so I approached them about writing new works for this programme.

It’s those ideas which the programme really comes together around – lush, rich, overwhelming, a wall of sound, musical textures that you can feel in the very air, and...