How does an artist commemorate the brutality of war? Composer James Ledger shares his thoughts.

Ahead of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Gallipoli tribute,  ANZAC Day Salute , Limelight’s Digital Editor  Maxim Boon, talks to one of Australia’s most prolific orchestral composer, James Ledger, about his new work  War Music. The collaboration with singer-songwriter and lyricist Paul Kelly, has been an “overwhelming honour” for the Perth-based composer. He shares his thoughts on creating an artistic memorial to the victims of war.

ANZAC troops landing on the shore of Gallipoli.

Across the country different arts organisations have been finding ways to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign, which has resulted in the creation of a number of new works, exploring many different vantage points on this subject matter. What has been your approach?

You’re right. The amount of new works based around the ANZAC centenary has been colossal. Some have been quite specifically about the Gallipoli campaign itself, and others, myself included, have been slightly broader, as I wanted to acknowledge all the ANZACS who have fought and served their country since that first campaign.

War Musicwas conceived in two halves....