Sydney’s Bondi to Tamarama annual event proves more family fun than a bucket and spade.

Traffic jams and parking restrictions notwithstanding, an ideally sunny weekend saw crowds of families and art lovers heading for Bondi Beach to take a squizz at this years Sculpture by the Sea. The annual free art event saw the cliff path from Bondi to the neighbouring Tamarama Beach packed to the rafters with folk keen to peer, pose and be snapped alongside a range of objects from the austerely aesthetic to the cheekily playful.

Drawing the largest audience was Lucy Humphrey’s Horizon, a translucent sphere perched precariously on the rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean and cunningly reflecting and magnifying the rolling breakers heading into shore.

Other key themes are country, such as Carl Billingsley’s enormous Red Center, and the environment as seen in Marina DeBris’ Aquarium Of The Pacific Gyre, which features a range of marine objects both natural and manmade suspended inside a giant glass cabinet.

As in previous years, playfulness was to the fore with witty exhibits like the Winged Collective’s Fetch– a series of two-dimensional mirrored dogs, which at first sight are almost invisible until cleverly rendered opaque by the reflection of...