In 2010, Shaun Parker decided to form his own dance company, which quickly made its mark with its first production Happy as Larry. Set to an electro/acoustic score, Happy as Larryexplored the elusive nature of human happiness using a mix of ballet, break-dance, roller-skating and highly physical contemporary dance, and a cast of characters developed from a psychological system called the Enneagram

Since then Parker has developed another six shows, exploring themes from bullying to masculinity. His latest production, In the Zone, fuses hip-hop dance with a warning about the dangers of excessive gaming, and uses the ground-breaking technology AirSticks that creates sound from movement.

Over the last decade, Shaun Parker & Company has toured to 21 countries. With international travel currently off the agenda due to restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic, In the Zonewill be performed at the Seymour Centre this Friday and Saturday and live streamed on Friday morning – the first time the company has ever streamed a production. “Live streaming is something that we will do for every show going forwards,” says Parker.

Shaun Parker. Photograph supplied