In November you are performing two concerts for Opera Australia and then starring on the BRAVO arts cruise. Do you know yet what you’ll sing?

I’m still not quite decided but I know there will be some Wagner in there, I know there will be some music theatre, some Celtic songs, certainly some Fiddler on the Roof. Obviously on the cruise I have Tania Ferris, the mezzo [performing with me] and my long-time friend and collaborator Gareth Jones as the conductor, so whatever we do we would have done it many times. I do like the idea of the ‘bad boys’ as well, so misfits and malcontents [like Falstaff, Scarpia, the Flying Dutchman, and Sweeney Todd] will find their way in.

Bryn Terfel Sir Bryn Terfel. Photo supplied

Do you enjoy doing concerts featuring a mix of repertoire between operas?

Yes, that’s my bread and butter. Since I was a young bass-baritone I sang in miscellaneous concerts with male voice choirs so I think it’s something we’re kind of used to in Wales. In those concerts, people want to hear the nuggets, you know? I know José Carreras did the BRAVO Cruise a couple of...