Following the success of Ensemble Offspring’s first Kontiki Racketin 2016, the micro festival returns this month, with concerts of new and experimental music held across two days at the Paddington Town Hall in Sydney. Percussionist and EO Artistic Director Claire Edwardes tells Limelightabout six world premieres that will have the audiences making some noise.

Claire Edwardes Ensemble Offspring’s Artistic Director Claire Edwardes

Christopher Fox’s Iron Rain

Christopher Fox is a composer I have worked with since my time in Europe in the early 2000s ­– he is also a dear friend – so when he emailed me one morning out of the blue to say he’d had a dream featuring music which sounded like electric guitar, piano and some clangorous percussion instrument he couldn’t quite put his finger on, I was intrigued. How was it possible that he knew I’d just received my brand new aluphone? Because when he explained the sound I was convinced that is what he had heard – he didn’t even know the instrument existed at that stage! So he went on to compose Iron Rainfor Ensemble Offspring amidst a hellish year of his wife passing...